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From: John Smith
Subject: Favor Part III felt his warm breathe on my ear. "I always wanted to know what it would
be like to have my very own cocksucking bitch."The hair on the back of my neck curled. "You should know I didn't mean
all that stuff, man. I was just trying to get a rise out of you. I'm sort
of an asshole, actually.""You were a little too good of an lolita bbs dark portals actor, Jeremy if you know what I
mean.""Well maybe.""What is this then? Did Sasha put you up to this?""Maybe," I said again."And why were you so willing to go through with it?"I shrugged."I think I know. It's because it's fun for you, Jeremy. You can be a slut
without being a slut. You can be gay without doing this."He leaned in again--and kissed me. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I
tried to tame it, but it was too wild. He dominated and claimed me. I
closed my eyes. By the time they were open, Animal had peeled off his
shirt.He pulled me in and I cuddled against his hairy chest."Suck my dick," he said.I looked at him, startled, and he smiled."I'm not sure if I should," I whimpered, looking down.He leaned in close. "Look I don't totally understand what is going on
here. All I know is lolita cgi bbs imageboard that you are hot, I am hot, and we are both riled as
fuck about you sucking my cock."He reached down and grabbed my balls and my mouth fell open. Slowly, he
stroked my dick through my jeans."Fuck it," I whispered.I leaned in and kissed his chest. His pecs were warm, dripping, and thick.
I lapped slowly across the blades of his chest, smothering his nipples,
kneading his muscles pink. His abs were colder, flexing in the shadow of
his monster pecs. They tasted just as good. He shook as I underage russian lolie models
tongued his
belly button."Unhg, Jeremy," he muttered.I rested my head on his lap, drooling slowly onto his pants.He slid out of them. His cock strained against his boxers and I nuzzled it.
"Fuck dude," he said.I rubbed my face all over the bulge, closing my eyes. Animal held his
breath, picked up his waistband, and tucked it under his balls. His ball
sack was pulled tight by the fabric, forced into the air. His cock flipped
up and precum flew from the tip, scattering across my face.I paused, dumbstruck. Then I smiled and licked it off.It was salty, sweet, thick, and gooey.I swallowed.Animal's eyes grew wide as I coated my open lips. Down, down, down. I met
the soft cockhead and licked it. He growled. I felt a soft hand clench
the back of my head."Oh my god," he whispered.It was hard not to choke on his cock as he stuffed it inside me. I bathed
it in spit like a wild lion cub. It curled and stretched in my loving
hole. I loved its tenderness, its warmth. I paused in this position,
impaled by cock, purring around its shivering head, sucking it hard.Animal massaged the back of my head, stroking my hair like he was grooming
it, grabbing my skull, gripping the back of my neck. His cock paced in and
out of my mouth back and forth; in; out; fuck; suck. He had the softest
mane of pubic hair. Each time I was pressed against his abs, I nuzzled
into them and moaned. His balls slapped and dripped against my chin, and I
stroked them softly as his cock continued to prowl in and out of me.My elbows were beginning to stick to Sasha's leather couch. They came off
in a slow rip."God yes," he whimpered. "Suck my cock, bitch."I increased the pressure on his cock, wrapping my tongue around and
tracking it with my lips."You like doing what I tell you?" he asked quietly.I nodded best as I could with his big cock in my mouth."I own you. Dominate you. You like submitting your hot body to another
jock?"I murmured into his cock and he loved it."Fuck, yeah, cocksucker, worship that dick."I licked it slowly, tracing his big vein, kissing and swallowing his
delicious, leaking cock. I looked up for a second, but then I avoided his piercing gaze; I
submitted under his confident smirk; I relaxed under his fine body.His moans grew louder as I nursed his wet cock."Lick my balls," he said suddenly.I obeyed, lapping at his sweaty, round globes, eating his bitter, salty
sweat."Yeah, that's right. You suck balls. You suck dick. You hot, cocksucking
slave."I rolled his balls lolita cgi bbs imageboard
around in my mouth until I swallowed all of his ball
sweat down."C'mon bitch," he whined. "Make me cum down your throat."I slowly licked and drooled on the head of his cock, whining. "Why don't
you make me into your cum hole? You know I want you to take charge.""Fucking shit!" he whispered, snarling, grabbing the back of my head. He
slammed his cock in, holding my face in place so that it was forced to be
his wet pussy. I gargled around his racing, slapping cock.He growled as he fucked my hole. I tried to be soft and wet for him."You are really good at this, Jeremy," he whimpered.I closed my eyes.He pounced on me. I submitted innocent lolita models maxwell as he pawed at my shoulders, growling,
clawing at my neck, forcing me to take his cock, all of it, down my throat.
I was excited despite the gagging; adrenaline rushed through me as though
this was my last moment.And then Animal groaned. I felt his cock pulsing, and wave after wave of
cum ran down my insides. I clung to him, to his sticky cum and sweat, to
the image of his cocky half-smile, to his body. I collapsed against him,
closing my eyes and purring.He rubbed my hair. "I think I might like guys, Jeremy," he whispered,
pulling his softening cock out of my mouth."Really?" I asked, wrenching open my sticky throat. "Why would you think
that?""Listen you dumb jock," he said. Oh shit. Was he mad? Or did Sasha tell
him to say that?His eyes flashed, then softened. "I had a rule where I never dump a girl
for her best friend. And, I think, for the first time, I am going to break
it." He pulled me up and hugged me."Actually," I said, winking, "this was just a test to see if you were gay.
I didn't actually feel anything.""Bullshit," he said, giggling, as I tip-toed around the room, avoiding him.
His laughter rose as he chased after me. sweet models loli child "Get back here.""Hey, you have to get ready for your date with Sasha, straight boy.""Oh, shut up!" he said."Or what?""Or I'll shove my cock down your throat and make you shut up."It was my turn to laugh. "You don't have the balls!"He smirked. "Oh yeah?"
---Author's Note: Thank you all so much for your support! Every email I got
made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Feedback is always great. Especially
this time, since I haven't written Part III yet and if you don't message
me, I will just assume everyone hated it, and in the next part all of the
characters will get eaten by sharks. Only you can save the characters by
emailing me at krazytopgmail.com. Peace.
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